August 5 - August 11

August 7
Empire Isis
Sound the Trumpets
August 7
  1. Intro
  2. Get Up On It
  3. Mission
  4. Sidney
  5. Brand Nu Style
  6. False Friend
  7. Can't Keep My Eyes
  8. Just About Time
  9. Renegades
  10. Gas Guzzla
  11. Under Cover featuring Sizzla
  12. Gun Crazy featuring Turbulence
  13. Brand Nu Style (extended)
Osmond Collins
He Will Restore
Gospel Times
August 7
  1. He Will Restore (Interlude)
  2. Awake O Zion
  3. I Can't Even Walk
  4. Picture This
  5. You'll Never Change
  6. I Feel Better
  7. Thanks
  8. Fire Fire - Osmond Collins,
  9. It Takes Two
  10. Your Grace and Your Mercy
  11. He Will Restore
  12. Glory, Written, Calvary
  13. Heavens Declare (Interlude)
  14. Greetings
  15. Love You in a Big Way
  16. Could We Be Alone
  17. All of My Heart
  18. Heavens Declare
Sly & Robbie
This Is Crucial Reggae
Sanctuary Trojan US
August 7
  1. Soon Forward Dub
  2. Rock Me in Dub
  3. Marijuana
  4. Slave Driver Dub
  5. Thompson in Dub
  6. Rasta Man Chant
  7. Revolution Dub
  8. Roots Dub
  9. Herb
  10. Going Downtown Dub
  11. Channel One in Dub
  12. Stepping out a Space
Reggae Love Songs, Vol. 2
August 7
Musical Youth
[DVD] This Generation: Musical Youth - Live in the UK
MVD Visual
August 7
Machete Music
August 7
Joe Strummer
The Future Is Unwritten
Sony BMG
August 7

Japan Releases

Natural Radio Station
Life Style [Maxi]
Riddim Zone RZCD-45635
August 8
[iTunes] Natural Radio Station - LIFE STYLE - EP
Lifetime Respect-onnahen- (w/DVD, limited) [Maxi]
SONY SRCL-6608/9
August 8
An answer song for Mikidozan's 'Lifetime Respect.'
Lifetime Respect-onnahen- [Maxi]
August 8
An answer song for Mikidozan's 'Lifetime Respect.'
Belly Go-Round
handcuts HJCR-96
August 8
2nd album.
  1. zeitakutoiki
  2. Tsumuji
  3. Feel So Good
  4. Crazy
  5. Can You Imagine?
  6. Shining Day
  7. Secret Pleasure
  8. Dali
  9. sango-iro no kemuri
  10. ashimoto
  11. Kiss Me
Bigga Raiji
Tokuma Japan Communications TKCA-73224
August 8
[iTunes] Bigga Raiji - appare!!
1st album.
Buss Up
avex/riddim zone RZCD-45628
August 8
[iTunes] U-DOU & PLATY - BUSS UP
1st full album for RIDDIM ZONE
Zebraman a.k.a. Torauma
Hot Jam HJCD-1001
August 8
Chop Stick & Chee
aishitemasu. Reggae Music
Dr.Production DRCD-009
August 8
Dr.Production Best
Dr.Production DRCD-012
August 8
Mr. Vegas
Hot It Up
Fiveman Army/Universal Music POCE-15511
August 8
[iTunes] Mr. Vegas - Hot It Up
Japanese Version Featuirng a Bonus Track.
  1. Do You Know
  2. Tamborine
  3. Hot Wuk
  4. Tek Weh Yuh Self
  5. Sitting On My Corner
  6. You Gonna Need Me feat. Jovi Rockwell (Adapted)
  7. Lean With It
  8. Raging Bull feat. Overmars
  9. Dutty Trevor (Japanese Version only)
  10. Pappa P (Japanese Version only)
  11. Gangster Prayer
  12. We Nuh Want Nuh Friend
  13. Bloodstain feat. SADEKE
  14. Up And Live
  15. Talk The Things Dem feat. Opal
  16. Love How She Wine feat. Vybz Kartel
*Music Video: 03 Hot Wuk / 04 Tek Weh Yuh Self / 08 Raging Bull feat. Overmars / 12 We Nuh Want Nuh Friend
Pony Canyon PCCY-01837
August 8
7th full album.
Japanese Version Featuirng a Bonus Track.
  1. Can't Hold Me
  2. Bonafide Girl feat. Rik Rok & Tony Gold
  3. Intoxication
  4. Those Days feat. Nasha
  5. More Woman
  6. Woman Scorn
  7. Mad Mad World feat. Sizzla Kalonji & Collie Buddz
  8. Out Of Control feat. Rayvon
  9. Church Heathen
  10. Wear Di Crown feat. Mischieve
  11. Criteria
  12. Body A Shake
  13. What's Love feat. Akon
  14. Holla At You
  15. All About Love
  16. Wrong Move
  17. Reggae Vibes

*VP Records version here
Mad Professor
Dub You Crazy 2007
Ariwa/Victor Entertainment VICP-63876
August 8
Japanese Version Featuirng a Bonus Track.
  1. Intro
  2. Robitiks Dub Song
  3. Binga Bongo
  4. Black Light Dub
  5. Righteous Dub
  6. Dub The Planet [Mix 1]
  7. Dub The Planet [Mix 2]
  8. Black Ice Dub
  9. Blunt Dub
  10. Branding Dub [Mad Professor Mix]
  11. Branding Dub [Joe Ariwa Mix]
  12. Brother X
  13. Theme From Mandinka
  14. Tjerreng Dub
  15. Kingston Rock
  16. Ancient Sounds Of Dub
Joe Ariwa
Dub Tech Dub
Ariwa/Victor Entertainment VICP-63877
August 8
Japanese Version Featuirng a Bonus Track.
  1. Dub In Combat
  2. 31 Flavours
  3. Melody Bonanza
  4. Spiritual Dub Healing
  5. She Devil Dance
  6. Neeky Youths
  7. Mission To Be Genie
  8. Adventure In Araraquara
  9. Typhoon Dub Trek
  10. Deceptive Games Of The Insane
  11. My DJ feat. Kar'Melody
  12. Japanese Serenade
  13. London Hustle
  14. Slimey Grimey
Suburbia Sound System For Afternoon Lovers
Ariwa/Victor Entertainment VICP-63869
August 8
  1. Fresh & Clean (Mad Professor)
  2. This Feeling Is Killing Me (Black Magic)
  3. Wandering Hands (Sandra Cross)
  4. Slipping Away (Royal Blood)
  5. Things May Come (Kofi)
  6. Over You (Yona)
  7. Got To Find A Way (Lorna Gee)
  8. You'll Never Find (Slim Linton)
  9. let's Make A Baby (Paulette Tajah)
  10. The Man Is Mine (Ranking Ann)
  11. Under The Apple Tree (Jah Warriors)
  12. Everlasting Rap (U-Roy)
  13. Day Dreaming (Jocelyn Brown)
  14. That's How Heartaches Are Made (Aisha)
  15. Place In The Sun (Kofi)
  16. What Is This (Marie Dawn)
  17. Sweet Cherry (Mad Professor)
Suburbia Sound System For Evening Lovers
Ariwa/Victor Entertainment VICP-63870
August 8
  1. Berbice Madhouse (Mad Professor)
  2. Gonna Take A Miracle (Tomorrow's People)
  3. Until You Come Back To Me (Just Dale & The Robotics)
  4. Say You Love Me (J.C.Lodge)
  5. Watching You [Soul Mix] (Brown Suger)
  6. On The Weekend (Lina)
  7. Don't Ask My Neighbours (Kofi)
  8. Best Friends Man (Sandra Cross)
  9. Taking A Chance On Love (Janet Lee Davis)
  10. Two's Company (Slim Linton)
  11. Last Night (Paulette Tajah)
  12. (If)I Love You (Sister Audrey)
  13. Laughter In The Line (Klear View Harmonix)
  14. The Other Side Of Love (Carroll Thompson)
  15. You'll Never Get To Heaven (Annette B)
  16. Cry Over Me (Garnett Cross)
  17. We Are The Children (Kofi)
OLDIES but BADIES 80's-90's vol.1
August 5
Nasucco Cucumber
[DVD] NTV - Nasucco Cucumber Television
August 11
Limited 2000 copies