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Aphrodite's Dream
Haji Mike

Track Listing

  1. Chippy
  2. Ledra Street
  3. Reggae Reggae Reaggae (So Sweet) with Kyppa Ranks
  4. Chifte-Teli-Teli (Move Your Belly..)
  5. Maro-Maria
  6. Kleftiko & Brussel Sprouts
  7. Zembekiko Rap!
  8. Turbomatic Tina
  9. Water's Much Cooler.....
  10. The Things We Do with Irini
  11. Cyprus Is My Name
  12. Aphrodite & The Lion
  13. Welcome Home - Beyond & Behind.

Cyprus-based artist Haji Mike's album "Aphrodite's Dream" is filled with his unique music which is the fusion of reggae, rap and Greek popular music rebetika. It shows his great talent for music. I feel that rap manner is strong than reggae, but I smiled to hear Answer-like rhythm in "Ledra Street" and Far East rhythm on "Reggae Reggae Reaggae (So Sweet)". "Reggae Reggae Reaggae (So Sweet)" is a combination style of reggae DJ and singer. The singer Kyppa Ranks's voice sounds smooth and nice. Outstanding tracks are "The Things We Do", LKJ-like rap featuring female voice, and delightful instrumental track "Aphrodite & The Lion".

By Jah Itagaki / November 8, 1998

Haji Mike does the distribution now, and he is working through various companies. In USA it's Ejaness Reggae Comprehensive. In UK a place called Trehantiri Music. Haji Mike also distribute direct and is looking for new people in different countries to take product.

Haji Mike's Music page > http://www.cylife.com.cy/hajimike/
Haji Mike Music Productions PO Box 5116, 1307, Nicosia, Cyprus CY-1307