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Blazing Hits
Conscious Reggae Compilation
Jah HiYa

Track Listing

  1. Mary Jane Farm - Manuel Stain and Ras Leon
  2. Lordie Lordie - Manuel Stain
  3. Love Jah - Ras Leon
  4. Jah Mystie - Yami Bolo
  5. Devil A Fool Ya! - Manuel Stain
  6. Nah Brag - Ras Leon
  7. Nah Waste Time - Don Ranger
  8. Bless The Children - Shaka Shamba
  9. Comin - Ras Leon
  10. Treat The Teacher Right - Shaka Shamba
  11. Ungrateful - Manuel Stain
  12. Woman Fi De Earth - Lady G
  13. Iniquity Worker - Hopton Junior
  14. Serious Matter - Manuel Stain

This is a compilation from Jah HiYa, a new, independent reggae label. No slackness. Each track is conscious dancehall reggae. Rhythm tracks include "Full Up", "Stalag", "Far East", "Unmetered Taxi" and others. All are easy to listen. Most of the tracks were recorded and mixed at Music Works. Every track is good, but if pressed I would say that my favorite track is Yami Bolo's "Jah Mystie" on Satta rhythm which is provided by renown drummer Horse Mouth.

By Jah Itagaki / September 4, 1998

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