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Stranger In The Gates
Melchizedek Music MEL2020

Track Listing

  1. Keep Justice (Isaiah 56)
  2. Who Can Understand? (Psalm 19)
  3. Check It Out (Colos. 2:8, I Peter 5:8, Rev. 12:9, II Cor 11:13-15, John 8:44-47)
  4. I Would Rather (Psalm 84)
  5. Take The Water (Revelation 22)
  6. Everything is Yours (Job 38-42)
  7. Balaam & Balak (Numbers 23-24)
  8. Treasure (Luke 10:27 and 12:31,34; Deut. 30:20)
  9. I Would Rather Dub

This is the second album of Los Angeles-based artist Zema. In each song, Bible-based lyrics and her calm voice produce a spiritual atmosphere. The renown Sly Dunbar and bassist Mike Irwin provide tight rhythm. Zema and her husband Zacky Bernard (of the original Twinkle Brothers) play keyboards and Alberto Fernandez puts his guitars. My favorite track is "Treasure".

By Jah Itagaki / November 8, 1998

"Stranger in the Gates" is available on CD at CDnow, Music Boulevard, amazon.com and Ernie B's Reggae (tel:(916)939-0691, fax:(916)939-0578, ernieb@calweb.com, P.O. Box 5019, Eldorado Hills, CA 95762).