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 May 27
1969: Tanto Metro (Mark Anthony Wolfe) is born in St. Andrew, Jamaica.
1975: Alaskan Supereme Court ruling on constitutional right to privacy paves way for "legal" marijuana possession.
1977: Amy [Amy-N-Ryoo] is born.
1996: Shabba Ranks appears in court.
He was tried for illegal ganja possession and was let off with a light fine.

 May 28
1948: Nationalist Party in South Africa wins White-only elections and begins dismantling limited rights of Africans.
1969: Rolling Stone Mick Jagger and girlfriend Marianne Faithful are arrested in their London home on marijuana possession charges.

 May 29
2004: Singer Barry Brown passes away on the premises of the Sone Waves Recording Studio at Ivy Green Crecent in Kingston.

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