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 December 15
1949: Vocalist Desmond Young aka Desi Roots is born in Jamaica.
1970: Blake Boy records "Deliver Us" for Lloyd Daley, The Matador. It can be heard on a compilation "Lloyd Daley's Matador Productions, 1968-1972" (Heartbeat HB 92).

 December 16
1993: Nahki's first solo video Japanese Via Jamaica - Live at "ON AIR WEST" Plus... - is shot. The video is released on Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. in 1994.
1990: Donat Roy Mittoo aka Jackie Mittoo passes away (dies of cancer) at 11:15 a.m. at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto, Canada at the age of 42. (b. March 3, 1948)

 December 17
1950: Carlton Lloyd Barrett aka 'Carlie' is born in Kingston, Jamaica.
1986: The radio program Osaka Reggae Street makes its debut on OBC Radio in Japan. The program aired every Wednesday for 16 weeks.

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