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 January 22
1946: Sidney Wolfe is born.
1949: Joseph Hill [Culture] is born in St. Catherine, Jamaica.

 January 23
1959: (some say 1957 or 1955): Earl Falconer [UB40; bass] is born in Birmingham, England.
1960: Carol Thompson is born in Letchworth, Hertfordshire, England.
1973: James Eduardo McWhinney [Big Mountain] is born.
1999: Prince Lincoln Thompson passes away (died from cancer) in St. Bart's Hospital, London.

 January 24
1966: Ninjaman (Desmond Ballantine) is born in St. Mary, Jamaica.
1978: Da'Ville (Orville Thomas) is born.
1995: Japanese popular singer Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi is arrested for possession of 1 gram of marijuana.

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