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 September 30
1952: Albert 'Ralph' Walker [Culture] is born in St. Catherine, Jamaica.
1964: Dress designer Biggy [Biggy's Exclusive Fashion Co., Ltd.] is born in Jones Town, Kingston, Jamaica.
1966: Botswana (Bechuanaland) gains independence from Britain. (National Day)
2019: Louie Rankin (Leonard Forbes) passes away (died in a car accident in Ontario, Canada). Age 55.

 October 1
1954: British colony of Nigeria becomes a federation.
1960: Nigeria gains independence from Britain. (National Day)
1961: East and West Cameroon merge as Federal Republic of Cameroon. (Unification Day)
1963: Nigeria becomes a republic within the Commonwealth. (National Day)
1970: Yami Bolo (Roland Ephraim Maclean) is born in Whitfield Town (Kingston 13), Kingston, Jamaica.
1970: Founding of NORML

 October 2
1800: Nat Turner, black American bondsman who led slave revolt (August 1831), is born in Southampton county, Virginia, USA.
1951: Sting (Gordon Matthew Sumner) is born in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England.
1958: Guinea gains independence from France. (National Day)
1965: Baby Face (Richard Thomas) [King Addies] is born in San Fernando, Trinidad.
1967: All six members of the Grateful Dead are busted by California narcotics agents for possession of marijuana.
It happens at the groups' 710 Ashbury Street House in San Francisco. After six hours, they are released on bail.
1970: White Mice is born in Montego Bay, Jamaica.
1975: Two bags of hash found in Carthaginian warship (2,000 years old and still potent)
1981: Terry Hall, Lynval Golding and Neville Staples quit The Specials to form Fun Boy Three.
1999: Longtime marijuana enthusiasts Cypress Hill draw 40,000 fans to their second annual Smoke Out at San Bernadino's Orange Show arena.

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