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 July 30
1963: Apache Scratche (Raymond Hudson) is born in St. Mary, Jamaica.

 July 31
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 August 1
----: Producer Edley is born.
1834: Slavery declared unlawful in British Empire.
1838: Jamaican slavery emancipated (Emancipation Day in Jamaica)
Emancipation Day had ceased to be a holiday in Jamaica when the country gained independence, but it was re-established 1997 after it was enacted by law.
1914: Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) is launched by Marcus Garvey.
1960: Benin (Dahomey) gains independence from France.
1990: UB40 is deported from the Seychelles after police discover marijuana in their hotel room. They choose deportation over the other option, a mandatory three-year jail term.
The band will later claim that the drug bust is a set-up.
1992: UB40 makes a rare hometown appearance at Birmingham's Cofton Park.

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