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 April 1
April Fool's Day
1933: U.S. Cullen-Harrison Act goes into effect.
This Act removed low alcohol beer from coverage by the 18th Amendment, alcohol prohibition which became effective in 1920. The Prohibition would end on December 5th.
1948: Jimmy Cliff (James Chambers) is born in St. Catherine, Jamaica.
1967: The Black Panther Party is formed.
1987: Final broadcast of Osaka Reggae Street is heard on OBC Radio (Japan) after being on the air 16 weeks.

 April 2
1966: Garnet Silk (Garnet Daymon Smith) is born in Brumalia, a small community in the town of Mandeville, Manchester, Jamaica.
1971: Deejay Rickey General (Ricard Anderson) is born in Kingston, Jamaica.
1983: Japanese singer Karukaya Makoto is born.
1988: Jammys 10th anniversary show at Cinema 1 in Kingston.
Freddie McGregor, John Holt, U Roy, Cocoa Tea, Half Pint, Leroy Smart, Lt. Stitchie, Admiral Bailey, Gregory Isaacs, Josey Wales, Sister Charmine, Tiger, Johnny Osbourne, Little Twitch, Junior Demus, Major Mackerel, June Ranks, Trevor Sparks, Beenie Man (as 3 The Hard Way), Flourgon, Anthony Malvo and others performed with bands Home T, Sagittarius, Studio One Band (for Freddie McGregor) and Steely & Clevie. The show started at 8:30 p.m. and continued till after 6 a.m.
2004: Tokyo-based rock steady band Rocking Time perform their last live show. Club Quattro, Shibuya, Tokyo.

 April 3
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