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Dry and Heavy

Japanese dub unit centred around a nucleus of Shigemoto 'Dry' Nanao (also a member of Audio Active, on drums) and Takeshi 'Heavy' Akimoto (formerly of the Vital Connection, on bass). Other members included Kei Horiguchi (from V.I.P. band, on guitar), Mituhiro Toike (from V.I.P. band, on keyboards), Tetsu Nishiuchi (sax and flute), Likkle Mai (vocals), Ao Inoue (vocals and skunk), Naoyuki Uchida (engineer). The name "Dry & Heavy" is connected with Burning Spear's album title.

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Dry & Heavy
Label: Mountain Roir @ Olive Disk & Records -- TGCS-354 (CD), OR-2407MR (LP)
Year: 1997
Tracks: Law of the Jungle / Runs Good / Flash Flood / I'm A Likkle Lioness / Steppin' Out / Strange Flute / Bow and Arrow / Meditate Rocka / Mighty Gun (available on CD only)
One Punch
Label: Beat Records -- BRC-14 (CD), BRLP-14 (LP)
Year: 1998
Tracks: Mr. Blueflame / T.K.O. / Triumph / Harmony / Lost World / Say No More / Don't Give Up Your Fight / Herbal Wise / Night Flight / Gassy Disco / The Athlete
Notes: This album is Japanese version.
One Punch
Label: Green Tea -- GTCD002
Tracks: Mr. Blueflame [long version] / Radical Star / Radical Organ / T.K.O. / Triumph / Lost World / Say No More / Night Flight / Kick the Bong Around / Dub the Bong Around / The Athlete / Don't Give Up Your Fight / Herbal Wise
Full Contact
Label: Beat Records -- BRC-24
Year: 2000
Tracks: Tiger Claw Skank / Dawn in Breaking / King Cobra Style / Rumble / Love Explosion / Knife / Private Plan / Life in The Jungle / The Smoker's Cough / Landing / Less is More Version
Full Contact
Label: Green Tea
Year: 2000
Full Contact
Label: BSI
Year: 2000
King Jammy meets Dry & Heavy in the Jaws of the Tiger
Label: Beat Records -- BRC-30
Year: 2000
Tracks: Do Dub Up Your Fight / Rumble Dub / Dub World / Radical Dubber / Mr. Dub / Breaking Dub / Private Plan Dub / Harmony Dub / Night Flight Dub / Tiger Claw Dub / Less Is Dub / Love Explosion Dub


Somebody Has Come c/w.Runaway Dub (12")
Label: Mountain Roir @ Olive Disk & Records -- OR-2502WH
Year: 1998
Mr Blue Flame (12")
Label: Green Tea -- GTT004
Year: 1999
Tracks: Mr. Blueflame [long version] / Night Flight Pt.2 / Base Of Ace / Herbalwise [organ version]
Radical Star (12")
Label: Green Tea -- GTT005
Year: 1999
Tracks: Radical Star / Radical Star [keyboard version] / Kick the Bong Around [retake - Dry & Heavy] / Dub the Bong Around
Dawn Is Breaking (7")
Label: Beat Records -- BRSP-001
Year: 2000
Rumble (7")
Label: Beat Records -- BRSP-002
Year: 2000
Love Explosion (7")
Label: Beat Records -- BRSP-003
Year: 2000


Temple of Dub
Year: 1999
Appearing tracks: Mr. Blueflame (long version)
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