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Track Listing

  1. Mr Neck Tie Man
  2. Who Jump The Gun
  3. The Weed
  4. Business
  5. Can't Help
  6. Love Rain
  7. No Faith
  8. How Do You Do
  9. One Away
  10. Burn Satan
  11. Lonesome Feeling

This is a new album of singer Cocoa Tea. It is fresh news in my memory that he built his studio 'Roaring Lion' in Clarendon , but this album One Way is produced by Phillip 'Fattis' Burrell for Xterminator production.

All songs are written by C. Scott, Cocoa Tea himself. No cover. No uncalled-for feature. Each and every track is nice. Xterminator's sharp sounds go well with Cocoa Tea's sweet voice as before, so I never get weary of listening to it.

One Away is unique, might be hardly fit for dance but may be fit for highway. Slow down with the next track Burn Satan. It is a rasta song on solemn niyabinghi. Both are very good.

By Jah Itagaki / August 19, 1998